Each package of Jade Nectar Cannabis Juice contains multiple 1 oz frozen cubes (6 pack, 20 pack, and 50 pack). Each cube is 1 fluid ounce, and most people consume 1-2 per serving. There are many ways to prepare and consume the juice cubes, but below is a list of a few of the most popular ways to drink them.

Add Cannabis Juice Cubes to Your Smoothie

The most popular way to consume Jade Nectar Cannabis Juice cubes is to throw the frozen cubes in the blender with your favorite smoothie. Most people add 1-2 cubes to their smoothie. Some people benefit from higher dosages of 4-6 cubes. Because the cannabis juice is raw, it is not considered psychoactive. This enables people to consume much higher doses of cannabinoids without feeling a debilitating psychoactive effect.

Thaw the Cubes into a Glass of Water or Juice

For quick consumption, many people simply drop a few Jade Nectar cubes in a glass of water, juice, or other beverage. The cubes will thaw out within a few minutes. Once thawed (less than 5 minutes), simply stir the mixture and drink it. Other people drop a few Jade Nectar cubes in their water bottle along with some water, then they shake up the mixture and drink it.

There is no Right or Wrong Way to Consume Jade Nectar Cannabis Juice

You can thaw them out and mix them with any food or drink. Some people even nibble on the frozen cubes without mixing them with anything! The taste is similar to many bitter green vegetables. Many people think raw cannabis tastes similar to dandelion greens.


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