Jade Nectar Mission

Celebrate the Cannabis Plant as a Whole and Balanced Food

We respect and appreciate the cannabis plant. Millions of years of evolution have designed this amazing plant, and it appears to have developed a symbiotic relationship with humans and other animals. Instead of providing sweet fruits to attract humans and animals, the cannabis plant provides a blend of compounds that work beneficially with our biology. And this relationship between humans and the cannabis plant dates back thousands of years into the past.

Jade Nectar celebrates the cannabis plant as a whole and balanced food. We are not interested in extracting molecules and tossing away the rest of the plant. That is why our Jade Nectar Raw Cannabis Juice contains pure raw cannabis leaves and flower without throwing away any of the plant material.

Sharing Cannabis in its Raw and Fresh Form

We also want to help share this beautiful plant with anyone who is interested in seeing if cannabis can benefit them. We have found that juicing and freezing raw cannabis on the same day it is picked from our plants is the most effective way to preserve the vitality. Freezing the juice gives this perishable plant a shelf life of 6 months or more! This enables us to easily share cannabis in its raw form with anyone who is interested.

Compassion for Health and the Currency of Happiness

Many of our team have experienced health issues that did not improve with conventional pharmaceutical medications. Yet cannabis has provided a path to wellness. So we would like to provide the opportunity for others who may also benefit from raw cannabis.

As for profiting off of other people's health issues, we are saddened by what we see in the global 'health care' system. We are also concerned about the profit motives we see within the upcoming cannabis industry. As a social experiment, we provide Jade Nectar at an extremely low cost (each serving is less than a cup of coffee - due to legalities, we cannot share prices online if you are not a collective member). There are other forms of currency beyond money, and it just makes us happy if we can share the wonders of the cannabis plant with people who are interested.




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