Drink Your Cannabis!

The healthy, nutritious, and non-psychoactive way to consume medicinal cannabis! Because our raw cannabis juice is never heated, the THCa (raw acid form) is never converted to the psychoactive form of THC. Each serving of our raw cannabis juice is loaded with all of the medicinal cannabinoids such as CBDa, THCa, and CBGa, but without the psychoactive properties.

Simple, Pure, Unrefined, Whole Food, Wellness

At Jade Nectar, we believe the cannabis plant is a perfect whole food that promotes healing and wellness. There is no reason to alter the plant from its natural state. Our raw cannabis juice is created for our friends using the simplest technique to preserve the purity of the plant.

Rich in CBDa and THCa - Non-Psychoactive

Our family farm makes juice from special cannabis strains that were selected specifically for juicing. They are rich in CBDa, and THCa, as well as other natural cannabis compounds that work synergistically to provide the optimum medicinal benefits - without the psychoactive properties of heated cannabis.



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